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Date: 06/27/01

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>         Is it a paridigm shift that would leave text-only players
> stranded? Yep.  Would it attract a zillion more players on the side...very
> probably... It's been an idea that's been clunking around for a few years.

You explained things in much greater detail than I did, and I am generally in
agreement with it except for the idea of creating a graphical client.
Text-based MUDs fill a niche; creativity and imagination give them life rather
than pretty pictures.  There are plenty of alternatives for people who prefer
graphics-- I wouldn't want to try to compete with them.  Or perhaps more to
the point, I wouldn't want Circle to try to compete with them.

If there is a good way to do coordinate-based movement without doing graphics,
I'd be in favor of it.  In fact, I already draw ASCII maps of my rooms to
provide visual clues when characters are traveling around.  I find that it
speeds movement tremendously without compromising compatibility.  I haven't
really thought about how easily it could be adapted to a coordinate system,
but it might be a viable option.


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