Re: R: Re: [CIRCLE] 3 dimensional world arrays

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/27/01

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Paolo Greco wrote:

>>         Is it a paridigm shift that would leave text-only players
>> stranded? Yep.  Would it attract a zillion more players on the side...very
>> probably... It's been an idea that's been clunking around for a few years.
>>                                                 PjD

>I'm with you, i'll follow you to hell =)
>But we should look back, at compability... a mud like this won't be
>compatible with anything i suppose...
>No oasis, no rooms, no mob-routines... we'll have to rewrite an entire new

You'd want to at that point, whether you could use the old code or not.

>Would it be a circlemud at all?

Maybe. Depends on how wacky Daniel and I are feeling.  Even then we'd
probably start text-based until the engine ran well enough to throw a
graphical client onto it.

Check out They're going for the sort of thing
you're thinking of, graphical-only.

George Greer

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