[CODE] Ascii Pfiles and the Host variable

From: Dave Willard (dwillard@iquest.net)
Date: 06/27/01

I recently installed ascii pfiles and cant seem to get the host
to save in them correctly. I have tried for 4 days and am at my
wits end. When I changed it to load to ch->player_specials->host
and save to ch->desc->host it seemed to work but the game
would crash about every hour due to trying to save the host. I did
read about a bug with saving the host and tried the changes it
mentioned to no avail. I have searched the archives and everything
and still have no answer(maybe Im overlooking the obvious!).
Please if you have a working version of ascii pfiles that saves
the host safly, without crashes, please send me the definitions
for the host variables in structs.h and the assignments in db.c.
Im begging here guys:)
Thanks in advance!
Dave Willard

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