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From: David Smith (David.Smith@COM-NETERICSSON.COM)
Date: 06/29/01

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From: Rob Masten
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 4:20 AM

>has anyone attempted to or been successful in implementing
>random ticks?

>personally I always hated clients with tick counters, they
>tend to prompt 'crazy' behavour (ex. speedwalking between
>cities and all the sudden the player falls asleep the split
>second before the tick and jumps back up the split second
>after the tick) from players.

        I've looked at this quite a bit, I've even seen ROM implementations
of random ticks that worked for the most part, but they've all got the same

        They fix the wrong end of the issue.

        The issue isn't that the ticks occur in a predictable manner,
rather, the issue is that the effects the players want to have depend on the
tick-boundary. One possible fix for that is to record the start-time of the
condition (sleep, resting, etc) in the player record and only award the
nifty bonus to them if it happened more than some percentage of a tick ago.

        Another way would be somewhat more inefficient in terms of cycles,
but would provide quite a bit more realism. Record changes to the player
record every mud-cycle. ie. Don't wait for tick boundaries to make the
changes. Expensive, yes, but I imagine most mu*'s with < 60 concurrent
players most times could still keep up well.


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