Re: Circle30bpl17 Oasis, Ansii Pfiles, Hedi t / SYSERR: Unexpected end of help file.

From: Whitla, John (
Date: 06/29/01

> Ok, I've got past the 0.zon is empty errors. But now i've got
> a new one. heh
> SYSERR: Unexpected end of help file.
> Now the helpfiles are non-editable that i can see, its all in
> binary or
> something?

First off, the help files shouldn't be "uneditable binary files" if we're
talking about the files in lib/text/help, which I think we are.  If your
*.hlp files don't look like english text (more or less), then it is very
possible that you are reaching a "premature" end-of-file.

If your help files do look normal, and are nicely terminated with a '$',
then this could be related to the behavior of feof(), since that is the only
way to "reach" the ackeof tag.  If feof() was the cause of your previous
problem, maybe it is the cause here too.

I would have expected a bigger outcry from the Windows people on here if
feof() were really this much of a problem, but maybe that will give you
something to look at.

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