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From: Abraham Dizon (
Date: 06/29/01

Hey yo Del also for you next bundle, either leave out the percentages or fix
them cause on Bundle18a they don't work. Cause I checked the shops and found
out that they aren't selling anything. Their at 0%. I tried 100% too but it
doesn't work. Also I got some problems with my autoexit code. I have it in
the way I like it but heres the problem. The Directions are in capital
Letters like N S E W U D etc.. Now the problem, I want to have the cap
letters turn into lower case letters when theirs a door. Like for instance
if their is a door in a direction like west of where your standing and its
closed. Is their a way to make the door west in a lower case letter?

W = Open
w = Closed (Thing I'm trying to implement.)

Heres the snippet for anyone that can help me.

In act.informative.c

This is after all the extern variables, last thing on it.

const char *singledirs[] =

/* Replace the autoexits with this one */
void do_auto_exits(struct char_data * ch)
    int door;

    *buf = '\0';

    if (IS_AFFECTED(ch, AFF_BLIND)) {
      send_to_char("You can't see a damned thing, you're blind!\r\n", ch);
    for (door = 0; door < NUM_OF_DIRS; door++) {
      if (EXIT(ch, door) && EXIT(ch, door)->to_room != NOWHERE &&
          !IS_SET(EXIT(ch, door)->exit_info, EX_CLOSED)) {
        sprintf(buf2, " &c-%s&n", singledirs[door]);
        strcat(buf, CAP(buf2));

      else if (EXIT(ch, door) && EXIT(ch, door)->to_room != NOWHERE &&
                  IS_SET(EXIT(ch, door)->exit_info, EX_CLOSED)) {

            sprintf(buf2, "&c-%-1s&K#&n", singledirs[door]);
            if (IS_SET(EXIT(ch, door)->exit_info, EX_LOCKED))
                  strcat(buf2, "&K&&&n");
           /* if (IS_SET(EXIT(ch, door)->exit_info, EX_PICKPROOF))
                  strcat(buf2, "&K&&&n");*/
            strcat(buf2, "");

        strcat(buf, CAP(buf2));
    send_to_char("&gObvious exits: ", ch);

    if (*buf){
      send_to_char(buf, ch);
      send_to_char(" \r\n", ch);}
      send_to_char(" None.\r\n", ch);

-------------------------- End of Snippet ----------------------

The door is still visible even if the door is closed. Any input is welcome.


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