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From: Abraham Dizon (
Date: 06/29/01

I recently got a new score sheet and it seems fine but I got this
unitialized crap. Only a small portion needs to be fixed. Okay when I
implemented this into my MUD I got a problem. It says that K is unitialized.
Its on the struct char_data * k; I dunno what to do to fix it.

Here's the snippet:
In the external variables declarations, add
extern const char *pc_class_types[];
extern const char *pc_race_types[];
extern int level_exp(int chclass, int level);
extern char *class_abbrevs[];
extern char *race_abbrevs[];

/* remove the current do_score and replace it with this one */
   struct time_info_data playing_time;
   struct time_info_data *real_time_passed(time_t t2, time_t t1);
   struct char_data * k; /* Problem */
   bool aff;

----------------------------- End of Snippet --------------------

This is only half of the score sheet that needs fixing. Any input is

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