Re: [CODE]

From: Del (
Date: 06/29/01

Abraham Dizon wrote:
> Hey yo Del also for you next bundle, either leave out the percentages or fix
> them cause on Bundle18a they don't work. Cause I checked the shops and found
> out that they aren't selling anything. Their at 0%. I tried 100% too but it
> doesn't work. Also I got some problems with my autoexit code. I have it in

I put in the patched.readme file (specifically stated to read it, many times)
that the percentages was changed to indicate the actual percentage instead
of the opposite of it. Meaning, setting them to 0% is a 100% load. I changed
it so a 100% setting is a 100% load.
I did however forget to fix the world files to go along with it. Sorry! It
will be fixed in the next version update (hopefully this comming week).

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