Re: Circle30bpl17 Oasis, Ansii Pfiles,Hedi t / SYSERR: Unexpected end of help file.

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 06/29/01

Please read the CircleMUD mailing list FAQ which has a link at the
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David Cole wrote:
> All the help files (*.hlp) are in a bunch of jarbled stuff. Like when you
> open a .exe file in a ansii text program. You get numbers to the left and
> some form of jarbled text to the right.

If it looks like that it means you're looking at the file in a hex
editor, not a regular text editor.  At any rate, the CircleMUD help
files are plain old ASCII text and should be perfectly readable in any
text editor you fancy to use with one possible exception:  The stock
files are in Unix text format which uses a different line-ending format
than Windows uses.  Some Windows editors will display the files
correctly and some will appear to not have any line breaks but will have
boxes where the lines are.  CircleMUD should be able to read the files
with no problem on a Windows platform regardless of which line-ending
format the files use, but to be safe you may want to convert them to
Windows format with a unix2dos type conversion program (jsut type
unix2dos in just about any search engine and you'll get lots of hits).

> I looked at the feof() stuff but
> nothing seemed wrong. Outplace. Etc. The Mud compiles compleatly clean, no
> errors. I did have to add something to a msvc++ file. But it was _filneo
> some errors in disko.c with the ansii pfiles, but one i add int _filneo; to
> the list it works.

Yep, that's a known issue with ascii pfiles (I really don't know what
drove Sammy to take such an approach when he did that).  At any rate,
ascii pfiles are not part of the stock CircleMUD distribution.  If you
got a server with ascii pfiles pre-installed then I would suggest that
what you downloaded is a contributed (read not official from CircleMUD)
server.  I would recommend downloading the latest version (bpl18) of
_stock_ CircleMUD and seeing if your problem is reproducable there.

> I don't wanna use smaug but this whole error after error thing in circle is
> begining to drain my energy's in using it.

From all indications your problem is most likely _not_ CircleMUD.  It
could be because you are using a contributed (read unsupported) server,
or that you might be downloading the binary package with your FTP client
set to ASCII mode as Del suggested.  Another possibility is that your
compiler's libraries are messed up, or there's something else distinctly
wrong with your compiler.  At any rate, there have been many people who
have successfully run CircleMUD in Windows using VC.  I _know_ (not from
personal experience, but from the experience of many others) that
_stock_ CircleMUD runs just fine under Windows.  That means that
whatever your problem is it lies beyond the scope of a problem with
stock CircleMUD.  I am not saying that you do not deserve support from
the CircleMUD community for your difficulties.  To the contrary, we are
all here to support each other (among other things).  What I am asking
is that you please not place the blame for your problems on CircleMUD

Regards, Peter

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