Re: Poll: Where did you get your CircleMUD?

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 06/30/01

On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 11:45:44PM -0700, Peter Ajamian came up with this idea:
> 1.  When did you download CircleMUD?
The one I'm working on now? a while ago.

> 2.  What version of CircleMUD did you download?
bpl14 I think.

> 3.  Was it stock or was it a contributed server?

> 4.  What was the exact filename (if you can remember) of the server you
> downloaded?
Whatever the stock version was.

> 5.  Why did you pick that particular version or server?
Latest bpl

> 6.  If you had to do it over again now would you use the same server?
> If not, what would you use and why?
Nah, I'd get the latest one.
Just tried putting in some of the bpl18 stuff into it and I've just got
WAY too many modification to even come close to patching it in.
(like the extract_char_final for example.. already made tons of changes there,
and they just kinda don't work with the new format)
(( not to mention I rearranged the directory structure so it takes me a few
passes with some perl 1-liners to make any patch even "sorta" work ))

> Thanks in advance for all your responses.

> Regards, Peter

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