Re: Poll: Where did you get your CircleMUD?

From: Del (
Date: 06/30/01

Abraham Dizon wrote:
> 5.  Why did you pick that particular version or server?
>     Cause it had everything I needed and Del is a reliable person for
>     coding things in with ease. :P

Thanks, however I am still a little rusty and still need to learn alot.
If it wasn't for the help of George, Geoff, and a few others (forgive
me if I forget to mention you by name) I would not be able to contribute
back to the CircleMUD community.

There were a few bugs in this bundle release, I sent out a few copies
of the bundle to be checked, didn't get any negitive feedback for a few
days so I uploaded it to circle ftp site. The bugs will be fixed hopefully
this week (I think I said that before). Also it is kind of good to see
how many people really do download the bundle (due to all the questions
on how do I fix the bug kinda thing :)

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