Poll: Where did you get your CircleMUD?

From: Peter Ajamian (peter@pajamian.dhs.org)
Date: 06/29/01

I have noticed a recent trend towards downloading pre-patched
contributed servers which worries me to a ceartain degree.  Before I
open up a discussion on this topic I'd like to take an informal poll to
find out if what I've been noticing is indeed true and why.  Here's what
I'd like:

1.  When did you download CircleMUD?
2.  What version of CircleMUD did you download?
3.  Was it stock or was it a contributed server?
4.  What was the exact filename (if you can remember) of the server you
5.  Why did you pick that particular version or server?
6.  If you had to do it over again now would you use the same server?
If not, what would you use and why?

I'm really interested in answers from those who started using CircleMUD
in the past year or two, but for the sake of comparison I need responses
from those who have been running CircleMUDs longer as well.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.

Regards, Peter

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