Re: Poll: Where did you get your CircleMUD?

From: Del (
Date: 06/30/01

Peter Ajamian wrote:
> 1.  When did you download CircleMUD?
         about 1992
> 2.  What version of CircleMUD did you download?
> 3.  Was it stock or was it a contributed server?
         pre-compiled version for the Amiga
> 4.  What was the exact filename (if you can remember) of the server you
> downloaded?
         A zip file just called
> 5.  Why did you pick that particular version or server?
         It was the only one I ever heard of.
> 6.  If you had to do it over again now would you use the same server?
> If not, what would you use and why?
         No, because I don't have that Amiga anymore :)

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