processing input

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 06/30/01

Thanks for the help on act() :)

How does input from players get read?
I've looked in comm.c .. process_input() and stuff... but that didn't
help... I've been wondering how this works for a while..

The stuff they type is sent while they type rite?
then that gets stored in a buffer.. thats how u get kicked for typing too
much rite?
when they hit the return key wut happens?
is that char sent and if read it does wutever was in the buffer?
if they type fast then it does one removes it then to the next?

well i need 2 know where this stuff happens.. i'm doing this thing where
anything they send does nothing cuz someone else has taken over their body.
they just get a message that says "your commands are invalid" or something
like that
but cant do that in command_interpreter cuz the person that took over will
be entering commands for them

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