gcc3 stuff

From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 07/01/01

New release of GCC, new slew of warnings to run the MUD code through.  I'm
happy to say that no new warnings in the default configuration have shown
up.  That means we won't get 50 e-mails per day from now until eternity
telling us about it. :)

Anyway, the warnings I ran it through are:


Although some had to be turned off due to broken-ness (-Wunreachable-code)
and others due to flagrant abuse in the CircleMUD code (-Wshadow).

A new warning switch (-Wpadding) tells you when you're wasting memory in
your structures by introducing alignment requirements.  I've changed all of
those that can be (thanks to binary files) here:


It's not committed yet because I want to redo all of the commented
structures in the format you see there. It's less cluttered and a lot of
the descriptions there aren't very helpful anyway.  Besides the fact that
'weight' is misspelled in one of the comments.

Alex also did a bunch of code fixes a few days ago that are included in the
lasted CVS snapshot or from http://www.circlemud.org/pub/CircleMUD/cvs/

[Don't actually run the code yet, I'm pretty sure I screwed up
extract_pending_chars() but have yet to look at fixing it.]

George Greer

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