Re: Poll: Where did you get your CircleMUD?

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/30/01

Hey! I want to be nostalgic too!

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Peter Ajamian wrote:

>I have noticed a recent trend towards downloading pre-patched contributed
>servers which worries me to a ceartain degree.  Before I open up a
>discussion on this topic I'd like to take an informal poll to find out if
>what I've been noticing is indeed true and why.  Here's what I'd like:
>1.  When did you download CircleMUD?

Hm...good question.  Sometime in '96.

>2.  What version of CircleMUD did you download?

circle30bpl10  (or was it 9? Can't remember.)

That's what I started my patch page from. People may remember the 'ancient'
patch page of mine now archived on: .  The shell script I used to
generate that page and its source data file appear to have been lost
though.  That's probably a good thing because it was a huge hack. :)

>3.  Was it stock or was it a contributed server?

Stock stuff.  Most contributed servers were for stuff like Amiga or
Macintosh then.

>4.  What was the exact filename (if you can remember) of the server you


>5.  Why did you pick that particular version or server?

A friend at my future university recommended CircleMUD.  Little did he know
what he would inflict upon the world. ;)

>6.  If you had to do it over again now would you use the same server? If
>not, what would you use and why?


I think the popularity of pre-patched stuff shows that we need to evolve
the codebase.

>I'm really interested in answers from those who started using CircleMUD
>in the past year or two, but for the sake of comparison I need responses
>from those who have been running CircleMUDs longer as well.

I'm not big on pre-patched stuff but if people want to make and use them I
have nothing against it.  Just don't whine to me when something is broken
in your package and it's not my fault.

George Greer

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