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From: Torgny 'Artovil' Bjers (
Date: 07/01/01

At 12:22 2001-07-01 -0700, you wrote:
>CLASS_XXX is just the best way of refering to a class, in a character array
>with the names, there is no other decent way of referring to these things
>(at least none that is particullary readable [CircleMUD - example of clear,
>legible code]). I've converted all class based information into a unique
>structure, name, requirements, special skills or spells, etc. And the
>grouping is used for checking a person's class. IS_MAGE_TYPE(ch) checks if
>they are a mage, or an enchanter, or a necromancer, or etc.

Feel like sharing this structure with the world? :)  It would be nice to
see how someone else did it.  I am going to put in class and race special
skills and abilities soon, so it would come in handy to see what others
have done on the subject.

Kindest regards,

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