'new' features (was Re: Retirement)

From: Alex (fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca)
Date: 07/03/01

> One of the irritating things about OasisOLC/stock circle is that it likes
> assuming things like the sizes of these vnums or (in some cases)
> that NOWHERE == -1, for example, interchanging those constants with -1
> doing a >= 0 to exclude the NO**** condition, or using a standard
> integer (or a sh_int) as a rnum/vnum
That's something that we're slowly working through.  We've got ~10 years
of legacy code in there and updating all of it (and making certain that
we've done it correctly) takes quite some time.

> The shop, mail, and board thingies all evil pieces of code (why are
> they implemented as spec procs?.. the special casing just to make
> ordinary specprocs work on shopkeepers is nasty IMO);
Because a) that's the easiest way, b) that's how it's been since the
original diku days, and c) because nobody has suggested or submitted a
patch otherwise.

> and why oh why can't the thing group same objects (not containing
> stuff) in a list under one structure (using an obj->count to indicate
> quanity) -- and combining multiple copies of the same when showing
> that list to players?
write and submit a patch to us.

> -- Why are the rent and player files stored in a binary format;
we're working on changing that.  but it won't be changed in the 3.0bpl
tree.  that is something on our todo list for 3.1

> The stock codebase [IMO] ought to contain at least all those features that
> the vast majority of MUD implementors find the most useful+appropriate
> and are going to have implemented on their system if they're serious
> about running a production mud;
pretty much all of the stock features that are basic _are_ included in the
codebase.  if you have other suggestions, by all means, feel free to make
them or to submit a patch to bugs@circlemud.org

as you can likely tell, the general theme of this message is:
- we (the circlemud group) are working on this when we have time.
- when we don't get suggestions for new features, bits, whatever, we
  roll our own.
- when we get suggestions without a) good reasons or b) patches, we put
  them on the 'to think about later' list.

so, if you have suggestions, comments, etc, make them.  best yet, if you
have patches or whatnot, submit them.  if you submit them to the CM ftp
server, people will be able to toy with them until such a time as we get
them near the actual stock/base codebase.


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