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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 07/13/01

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Welcor wrote:

> The issue arises, since 'set' works on mobs as well as players. A solution
> would be to add a 'mob' flag instead of the 'file' flag:

The in-game entity would be targetted by default, since it's the path of
least resistence (no allocate, load, and free necessary).  A 'player' flag
already exists that would address your concern.  There's also already a
'mob' flag, but it doesn't actually do anything.

The following Mailer Code(tm) represents my suggestion for how 'set'
should work without the 'file' flag.  The recommended changes are
surmised: keep is_file to indicate whether we should attempt to load from
the pfiles; remove the 'file' flag; make 'mob' set is_file FALSE (at the
minimum, more on this later); look for the target online (using either
get_player_vis() is is_player is TRUE or get_char_vis() otherwise); if no
online target was found and is_file is true, try loading; if there's no
target after all of this, give an error message and return.  So the first
changes occur at the top

  -   char is_file = 0, is_player = 0;
  +   bool is_file = TRUE, is_player = FALSE;
  -   if (!strcmp(name, "file")) {
  -     is_file = 1;
  -     half_chop(buf, name, buf);
  -   } else if (!str_cmp(name, "player")) {
  +   if (!str_cmp(name, "player")) {
  -   } else if (!str_cmp(name, "mob"))
  +   } else if (!str_cmp(name, "mob")) {
  +     is_file = FALSE;   /* Never try loading from file. */
        half_chop(buf, name, buf);
  +   }

Also include this little gem, which I thought was quite bizarre

  -   half_chop(buf, field, buf);
  -   strcpy(val_arg, buf);
  +   half_chop(buf, field, val_arg);

Finally, we replace our target finding and character loading code with
something like

  if (is_player)
    vict = get_player_vis(ch, name, NULL, FIND_CHAR_WORLD);
    vict = get_char_vis(ch, name, NULL, FIND_CHAR_WORLD);

  if (!vict) {
    if (!is_file) {
      send_to_char("Who's that?\r\n", ch);

    CREATE(cbuf, struct char_data, 1);

    if ((player_i = load_char(name, &tmp_store)) != -1) {
      store_to_char(&tmp_store, cbuf);

      if (GET_LEVEL(cbuf) >= GET_LEVEL(ch)) {
        send_to_char("Sorry, you can't do that.\r\n", ch);

      vict = cbuf;
    } else {
      send_to_char("Who's that?\r\n", ch);

    /* Let them know that we've loaded the player. */
    sprintf(buf, "Loaded player '%s' from disk.\r\n", GET_NAME(vict));
    send_to_char(buf, ch);

That's just about it.  Any thoughts (on the idea -- the code's just for
demonstration purposes and not guaranteed to be of working quality)?


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