Re: [OFF TOPIC] [LONG] Patches, Mega Bundles and Newbies

From: Edward Felch (
Date: 07/17/01

Ah... at least I've never asked the classic newbie questions :) I don't
think I've been pointed to read the faqs, archives yet rightly. However, it
can be difficult at times searching for certain topics under the archive for
newbies. Perhaps we should seriously stress that in order to be a decent
implementor/owner of a MUD you should have a fairly good grasp of coding
concepts, and have spent time on your own, just looking at the MUD code
where you can figure out things like: how to add classes, levels, races,
skills/spells, more variables to the player structure and how everything
relates to each other as well as the proper methods of doing these things.

Other than maybe altering to point out these things in clearer
(read bolder and larger font size) terms for newbies, maybe more faqs could
be written by some of the more generous people here? And have these be
posted up front so everyone sees them rightaway before asking silly
questions. Telling people to browse the ftp sites is always valid because
nearly every idea or a related idea has already been made, but, I know that
very few people read the index files, we should make a note on some website
to read those things because they tell us what file is what and a short
description on the contents (of course in a bold and large font)!

Another thing that might be done is to create a new mailing list for "How do
I code this...", "What does this do...", "Why doesn't this work..."
questions where people can ask eachother questions for help in coding, etc.
Then, only the question askers and kind more experienced coders would be
there, leaving those who don't like listening to newbies buzz won't have to
hear them.

Oh, and I love the bundles. I'm using Del's older bpl17 one, but whenever I
find a bug in the main parts of the code (for some reason my get_***
functions weren't working two weeks ago), I just look at the newer one and
make some inferences and fix the problem. They provide a good start for
people, after all, no one really wants to patch in OLC or DGScripts.

Just my thoughts :) We were all newbies at some time... I still am :P

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