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Date: 07/17/01

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> The following
> examples illustrate what I mean (I will change specifics to keep the
> culprits anonymous as it does not serve a purpose to demonise people):-

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Some good examples of what frustrates some people, but I don't always feel the
same way as the vocal minority.  Different people have different skills, and
there are numerous reasons (some valid, some not) as to why not everyone can
catch up.  Since I've been on the list (it's been about 6 months, I think), a
number of people have started to contact me directly with their coding
problems.  That is perfectly fine-- in fact I enjoy it.  If I am too busy, I
say so.  If not, I try to help.

What DOES frustrate me; however, is when I am asked a question not because the
interrogator wants to know the answer but because he wants me to implement the
solution.  I am happy to teach, but I have my own hobbies, and don't have time
to code someone else's MUD for him.  Incidentally, if you're one of those
people who talks to me directly, and you think I am referring to you...don't
worry.  If it were you, I'd tell you.

I have many times made the comment to a friend that I enjoy hacking around in
the code just as much as I enjoy hacking around in the MUD.  I can imagine the
frustration of those who would love to change some behavior in their world,
but can't because of lack of skill/training/understanding.  We are all at
different skill levels, and I would not criticize someone because his question
shows he is well below what is required for his proposed change.  Instead, I
prefer to point people in the correct direction and help them where I can.  Is
that not what a forum like this is all about?


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