Re: [OFF TOPIC] [LONG] Patches, Mega Bundles and Newbies

From: Neal and Kristen (
Date: 07/17/01

Mike Breuer wrote:
> the code just as much as I enjoy hacking around in the MUD.  I can imagine the
> frustration of those who would love to change some behavior in their world,
> but can't because of lack of skill/training/understanding.  We are all at
> different skill levels, and I would not criticize someone because his question
> shows he is well below what is required for his proposed change.

I can understand people asking questions because of a lack of
skill/training/understanding.  Its the ones where they are just flat
too damned lazy to even attempt to find a solution for themselves
that irritate me.  For a perfect example, a couple of weeks ago,
someone was asking for a version of the prompt patch for bpl18 because
the one on the ftp site was for somewhere around patch13.  Did this
guy even bother opening up the patch, compare what it does to what
his code looks like and attempt to make the changes (after making a
backup of comm.c of course ;) before he comes whining to the list
wanting someone to do it for him?  Of course not.  These are the
people that should be roasted on a spit over a roaring fire.  I have
no problem with questions, as long as you make SOME effort towards
figuring it out yourself before you come and ask it.  And that has
nothing to do with skill, or lack there of, but just pure laziness.

Do these mega bundles contribute to laziness?  Yes, or at least
a little bit.  If you download a copy of circle30bpl18.tgz, you
expect it to work as soon as you compile it.  A lot of people have
that same expectation of these bundles and that isn't always the
case.  If they were patching these utilities in themselves, they
wouldn't have the same expectation of it magically working out of
the box.  But, thats really neither here nor there, some people are
just too lazy and can't be bothered to help themselves when they
think when there is someone else out there to do it for them.


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