Re: [NEWBIE] postmaster, boards, and other default stuff...

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/18/01

> Is there a list or document anywhere that describes how to add stuff
> like the message boards, the post office, and the atm's to a room?  Also
> is there a list of the default ones that come with circlemud (i.e.
> postmaster, receptionist, board 3099 is a mortal board, etc...).  So far
> everything I have found has no mention of these critical components.
> Most of what I have figured out has been from wading through source code
> and looking at the default world that comes with circlemud.

        As Del mentioned, those are assigned spec_procs; for the boards
though, you need to do a little more work, and set up an entry in the
boards.c file.  I believe the comments in that file describe how and where
to add this.


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