Re: [NEWBIE] postmaster, boards, and other default stuff...

From: Del (
Date: 07/17/01

Dwight Durmon wrote:
> This is probably a stupid question, but....
> Is there a list or document anywhere that describes how to add stuff like the
> message boards, the post office, and the atm's to a room?  Also is there a list
> of the default ones that come with circlemud (i.e. postmaster, receptionist,
> board 3099 is a mortal board, etc...).  So far everything I have found has no
> mention of these critical components.  Most of what I have figured out has been
> from wading through source code and looking at the default world that comes
> with circlemud.

Boards, Postmaster, ATM's etc are special processes (spec_procs.c) that are
assigned to mobs/objects (and some rooms) (see spec_assign.c). To see what
stuff comes with stock you can do a few things (basic info here) type where
board, where postmaster, vnum obj board, OR look in spec_assign.c). With the
generalization of your question it is hard to determine if you want to just
'load' these objects/mobs, or create a totally different board, different type
of atm or what not. If it is just to load them, since you have the builder's
doc, you know how to create objects and what not by hand. If you have olc, you
might want to check out those documents also.

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