Re: buf, buf1, buf2, arg: J J & E

From: Del (
Date: 07/21/01

Why are you all spending so much time on issues such as the buffers,
overlapping zones, etc??
Was not the intention to stablize the code? Was not the buffers and zones
stable in the first place? Could this not wait till Circle 4 or after
the 3.0 final? Its been years since 3.0 started and I have seen changes
that are not a direct reflect of stability, but rather personal preference.
All these drastic changes will play havoc on those who would just like to
keep up with the latest patch level, but have modified thier code.
Most of the changes prior to bpl18 were easily added into just about
any modified bpl, now with some of the recent changes it extremely difficult
to even think about updating. Removing global buffers will none the less be a
nightmare for anyone with oasis/dg/etc. I haven't even bothered looking at
the zone overlapping issues yet.
Anyways, my oppinion is to get the 3.0 final out. It's long over due and
a lot of the recent changes should wait for the next version.

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