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From: George Greer (
Date: 07/21/01

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, Del wrote:

>Why are you all spending so much time on issues such as the buffers,
>overlapping zones, etc??

To correct mistakes.

>Was not the intention to stablize the code? Was not the buffers and zones
>stable in the first place?

-      sprintf(buf, "You say, '%s'\r\n", argument);
-      send_to_char(buf, ch);
+      send_to_char(ch, "You say, '%s'\r\n", argument);

These changes make the code unstable?  The majority of the changes will be
no-brainers.  Only a few places have any sort of reworking that will take
thinking to confirm.

>Most of the changes prior to bpl18 were easily added into just about any
>modified bpl, now with some of the recent changes it extremely difficult
>to even think about updating. Removing global buffers will none the less
>be a nightmare for anyone with oasis/dg/etc. I haven't even bothered
>looking at the zone overlapping issues yet.

You don't have to remove the buffers.  We'll probably leave the global
buffer definitions in db.h but be disabled/enabled (undecided) by default.
Anyone who wants to keep them can do so. send_to_char() and SEND_TO_Q will
be more of a problem to change but most of those can be taken care of by an
automatic search & replace.

We certainly want to release CircleMUD 3.1, but we don't want to release
junk just to get it over with.

George Greer

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