Re: buf, buf1, buf2, arg: J J & E

From: Del (
Date: 07/21/01

Carlos Myers wrote:
> This would be a good opportunity to update -- if not get rid of -- most of
> those patches. <VEG>  Still, this isn't the first time that function
> parameters have been changed within the last few patch levels and we haven't
> heard the newbie screaming to much.

<biting tongue!>

I really hate to see the work of MANY people go to waste! Let alone
all the problems that people will have trying to use snippets/code
already submitted.
I think the release prior to the zone overlapping stuff went in
should be the final 3.0 release. And everything after that be
labeled 3.1.
These changes recently IMO do not make the code more stable (if
they did, they should have been changed/combined years ago).

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