Re: [newbie code] correct possessive plural names in socials

From: Justin (
Date: 07/23/01

>> However, if the name is "Davis" (or any name ending in 's'), you get:
>> You whack Davis's head --which is not correct... (it should be: You
>> whack Davis' head -- note the correct usage of the possessive plural)
> Actually Davis' and Davis's is correct.  The s at the end is optional, and
> does not change the meaning.  I don't think the code needs to change.

I am willing to grant the possibility that you learned this rule your way
and think it is correct, and may be able to find a reference or two stating
this, but this is not the way I learned it, and I am able to find much
counter evidence proving the contrary to your belief. I do not believe
"Davis's head" is correct.

The only additional rule that can be used, from what I will trust, is that
if the word following the regular possessive noun begins with a vowel, then
you can use an additional s... if it begins with a consonant, a single
apostrophe must be used. The difference being "Davis's apple" and "Davis'
sword". If I were to choose to use this rule, I can do it in the socials
file with $N's (because I must know what the next word is in the social), so
that doesn't need to be special cased.

A single apostrophe after a regular possessive noun ending in s can be found
in every major media publication (books, magazines, etc) if you look. The
simple fact is that I want it changed in MY MUD server, therefore the
statement "don't think the code needs to change" is invalid. This is a
programming exercise for me, changing something to follow English rules
which are widely accepted.

I came asking for help with why the name is being saved to the player, and
for help on returning text through act, not for help with my choice of
English rules. If you (or anyone else now) who knows and wants to help, I
would still appreciate it.

Thank you,


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