Re: [newbie code] correct possessive plural names in socials

From: Justin (
Date: 07/23/01

> I think that the simplest way of doing this is closer to #2. Test to see if
> the last character in the string is an s. If it is return ' otherwise return
> 's. Then just use is like this
> "You whack %s%s head!", GET_NAME(vict), PLURAL(GET_NAME(vict))
> Similar usage within act for the replacement of $x/$X and Bob's your mothers
> brother!

Are you able to clear this up some for me? #2 was the macro solution. Also,
the returning part was what I was having problems with. Your first example
there can't go into the socials file, I don't believe, can it (can't call
functions from inside the social file)? I think it all has to go into act,
and that's where I got lost. You may know exactly what to return, but like I
said, I'm missing something fundamental.

Also, any idea why it's saving the player's name back to the player in my
solution #2?

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