[Question][Code] Shop problem, yes again

From: Edward Felch (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 07/23/01

I know the whole shop pffset and whatnot problem has been discussed, in fact
I've looked through all the archives for it, found a few hints and bits of
fixed but they don't seem to work or they might be the incorrect ones (the
one problem with the archives are all the steps to get to the solution which
can be mistaken for the right answer).

Could someone please tell me what and where the errors are and what to do to
fix them (bpl 17 and Oasis 2.0)? Also, what is a good loop to go through the
list of shops to find something (my load_shop_nonnative stuff which saves
the shopkeepers items in case of a crash/purge doesn't work since the shops
are all weird)?

I'm at my wits end after trying various things and all I get are crashs and
deleted shops :( Thank you.

Edward Felch,
Darkness Falling MUD

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