[newbie] wear positions and DG scripts

From: Russell Ryan (rjwr10@hotmail.com)
Date: 07/23/01

Hi all,

      Well this is pretty newbie in my opinion.
Heres some basic stuff about my mud and what it has: bpl 18, olc 2,
mobprogs, dg scripts, races, clans, 79 levels (4 immortal), other minor
      So, I get around to adding a wear position or two. I read wtfaq, and
the wear-slots.txt found in contrib/docs/3.x/, followed all instructions.
Everything works fine, except for when I change NUM_WEARS in structs.h. If
NUM_WEARS is 30, which was about how many I was planning on adding, the mud
boots fine, but when I type save, it breaks. It complains about
affect_modify with a non existant apply number. I check it, GDB says its
when it uses the TRIGGER macro in wear_mtrigger. On the call, I also notice
an #ifdef for NO_EXTRANEOUS_TRIGGERS. So to toy with it, I defined it. When
I type save, it complains about the affect_modify thing, and that the object
was carried_by before equip, but at least it doesnt crash.
I restore from my backup and redo it, this time only adding one wear
position. Now it blows up complaining about trigger #1778446390 being
non-existant on mob #1 (puff). Btw, the trigger number that is non existant
doesn't change, its the same each time I try it. So I recompile with the
NUM_WEARS the way it was before I changed it, but leaving in the rest of the
wear slots stuff. The mud boots fine. Ive searched for all the places in the
code that NUM_WEARS is used, and found that the only thing that looks like
it may be causing it is equip_char and stuff pertaining to dg_scripts.

So I suppose my ultra newbie question is, has anyone had this problem
before, or can anyone tell me something I may be overlooking?

Now for some technical stuff: Compiling with cygwin b21+. Win95 osr1, ibm
thinkpad.. 100mhz.. (all these changes to structs.h make it annoying waiting
half an hour for a full recompile on 100mhz)

russell ryan

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