Re: [FTP Site] Snippet/Patch posting ...

From: Alex (
Date: 07/24/01

> Emailed to describing these files. This was 2
> days ago or so, and nothing happened since. Should I just be more
> patient?
patience is a virtue little one.  queries about the ftp site (read: files
uploaded to it) should be directed to the maintainers directly (read:

now, having said that, i know that the maintainers have been a bit busy
the last couple of days, but that it'll be tackled this morning after a
vpn planning meeting.  *grin*


ps.  you don't need to add the '[Circle]' tag yourself. that gets taken
     care of by the list rather nicely.  but if you are keen to do that
     anyhow, all caps is the way to go.

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