Re: [newbie code] correct possessive plural names in socials

From: Jon Ridgwell (
Date: 07/24/01

>Also, any idea why it's saving the player's name back to the player in my
>solution #2?

Yeah, strcat appends the given text or string to the first string given.
Sort of like:-

string = string + new_bit

What your code does is strcat onto the players name as held in the
playerlist (which is written to file every so often and a particular players
info is written whenever they type save or some in game event happens -
death being a prime example). So what is actually happening is:-

players name = players name + (either ' or 's)

This also explains the behaviour of the routine in giving things like
The first time it notices that the last character is an 's' and appends a
single apostrophe. The second time it goes "Hey! the last letter isn't an
's' anymore so I need to add 's"

Hope that helps.


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