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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 07/25/01

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From: "Kras Kresh" <kras_kresh@HOTMAIL.COM>

> I just added a timed reboot thing to the mud. The time updates in
> heartbeat(), but I'm wondering if it will be affected when the mud goes to
> sleep. How can this be fixed? Set it so mud doesn't go to sleep when the
> timer is on?

If the MUD is going to sleep and the timer is running, you may as well
reboot at that point.  I would think an idle MUD would indicate a safe time
to reboot.  I guess it depends on why you want the time-delayed reboot in
the first place.  If you want it to reboot at an absolute time, then I would
suggest altering the amount of time that the MUD will sleep when a reboot
has been requested (take the smaller of the normal sleep interval or the
time to reboot).  That's all in the game_loop function in comm.c, I believe.


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