Kolira returns to Circle from LP

From: nwhite (nathanmwhite@earthlink.net)
Date: 07/26/01

Hey guys,
    I finally decided to return to circle from playing with LP codebase. LP
was much harder than i thought and i liked circle, but now i got a problem.
I flipped through circle 18 and made the port changes. but i keep getting
"permission denied" from ./autorun & ... sh ./autorun & tells me "invalid
command" and just autorun does nothing. I know i havent been gone that long,
but some readon i cant figure figure out the prob. Im searching the archives
as soon as i finish typing :-p
Thanks for any help :)

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tell you different. Believe in what you personally believe, and when the
time comes, the decision will be made.." quoted by:
Drakona Shijtan WolvenMoon

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