Re: Kolira returns to Circle from LP

From: Martin Engelsmann (
Date: 07/26/01

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, nwhite wrote:

>  but i keep getting "permission denied" from ./autorun & ... sh
> ./autorun & tells me "invalid command" and just autorun does nothing.

It sounds (and looks like) you have some permision problems. Are you using
the same user to run the autorun script, as you used to unpack the
archived mud ? If not a solution could be to set the files to all acces.

login as the user who unpacked the archive,
and type chmod -R 777 <circledir>/*

or change the ownership of the files with
chown -R <new user> <circledir>/*

or perhaps unpack it again, logged in as the user who are going to run the

Shalira of CrimsonMud2

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