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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 07/26/01

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From: "William Autry" <muxwizard@HOTMAIL.COM>

> my idea was to add another line to each room information that showed like:
> 3 50 50 50

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> is there anyone out there that can point me in a good direction? I know i
> would have to add this new string to each wld file in each room. but right
> now my mud has only 10 rooms total, becuase i cleared out all the old areas
> many moons ago. But if there is anyone that can help please let me know.

I'm guessing you're not using any kind of olc since you're talking mainly
about the world files.  If that's the case, all you need to do is add the
fields to the room_data structure and modify the code that parses the world
file in parse_room(..), in db.c.  Take a look at the existing code, and model
your changes after that.  Of course you'll need to do something with the
fields once you've added them... :)


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