Re: Multi-hit / attack code (Sedit Problem)

From: Timbrewolf (
Date: 07/28/01


Thanks for the follow up.  I'm heading for your patch right now.  :)

The oasis problem I keep running into is with Sedit.  I don't have
specifics, but I'll tell you quickly how to recreate the error and if you
don't get it I'll at least know it's my server (or some other variable).

To recreate the crash error, use sedit.  *grin*  Okay, for my test to make
sure it wasn't just my code, I downloaded Circle3.0 bpl18 and Oasis 2.0
(also tried with 2.01) and patched it in.  No other patches.

Go into sedit for a shop (you can use a standard midgaard shop), change the
shopkeeper (even to the same one), change a couple things (product list,
etc. you can use the same info) and exit.

It should save internally just fine, but if you sedit save and try to do a
'show zones' it will crash without an addition to the log.  If you go into
your /lib/world/shp files, it will probably be corrupt (stray high ascii
chars randomly on the shop you edited).  Then, if you delete just the shop
that caused the problem, everything should run fine.  So I'm unable to use
sedit at all.

I'm on a red hat 6.2 server.  Thanks for the help, let me know if you get
the same problems.  I would assume this corruption error happens with all
code that hasn't been fixed, just maybe randomly.


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