Create character crash

From: Timbrewolf (
Date: 07/29/01

Hello everyone.

I ran into an odd crash, and I'm not sure when it started (we're not open
for players to log in yet and my finding this was just random).

I've made a variety of patches to the code over the past few days, but it's
not very custom.  Mainly things like abbreviation and rolling stats (no
races though).

Anyway, after a player logs onto the mud, if they pick a name with three
letters, then go through the entire process, after they've rolled their
stats but before the motd shows up, the mud crashes.

I looked through the code a bit (I haven't used gbd or such just yet) and
thought it was possibly the abbreviation, for some reason, but I'm using
BAMUD4 compilation and it only has midgaard area, so not many matches.

To complicate the matter further, you can create a character with a two
letter name without problem.  So, as far as I've seen, it's only three
letter names.  All starting characters seem to cause it (i.e., it's not just
'starts with letters b or m').  I'm boggled.

Was just going to see if anyone has ever heard of something like this, I
couldn't track a similar situation on the archives.

Thanks for the help!


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