Re: Pet Peeves.

From: George Greer (
Date: 07/30/01

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Angus Mezick wrote:

>George Greer wrote:
>> >> So all the channels would have the emote, level-restricted sending, and
>> >> character listing?
>> >Yup :)
>> Sounds worthwhile.  I don't know how well they'll combine though.  I'll see
>> how it goes whenever my modem decides to stop being mad at me.  I'm getting
>> the silent treatment for something.  Soon as I figure out how to apologize
>> to it I'll be online more.
>Sacrificing grounhogs by the light of a full moon, within a faerie circle,
>wearing a green and silver kilt seems to work here but YMMV.

My modem dumped me. It stopped paying attention to me completely.  It says
it wants to see other people but we can still be friends.  So I've started
seeing an older, more mature modem to avoid such frivolities in the future.

And for something remotely CircleMUD-related: 4 more days of classes.  See
mailing list archives for the significance of that. Subtle. See, the 'pet
peeve' thread was a plan to ferret out the areas of code people find
lacking but I wouldn't otherwise have considered.  Think of it as
constructive criticism that may actually get the problem fixed.

George Greer

(Or for the silly-impaired, my 56kbps modem died so I got a replacement
from my uncle, which I believe is 33.6kbps but haven't checked.  It's
better than the 14.4 modem I was going to use as a backup.)

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