Re: Pet Peeves.

From: Alex (
Date: 07/30/01

>         Group experience gain needs to be altered to both encourage
> grouping (though perhaps survival is encouragement enough) and at the same
> time, discourage newbie-power-leveling by higher characters.
one thing we did with this on VieMud works sortof as follows:

when grouping, the xp is split by the total number of levels, each person
in said group gets their level multiplied by this result.  secondly, if
all of the people in the group are coming in from different domains (we
went for B classes... ie, '130.15.W.X' vs '223.47.Y.Z'), then everyone
gets a 5% bonus on top of all of that.

finally, rather than having a big bonus at the end of the fight, the xp is
given out by damage on the creature.

it makes sense when you look at it, prolly not in this text format.


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