Re: Pet Peeves.

From: Alex (
Date: 07/31/01

> What about the people in the group who don't do damage?
those things are taken into account with xp from other stuff -- ie,
healing during a fight, using certain skills in certain ways, etc, etc.

fighters tend to advance the fastest -- at first, but over time, some of
the other classes tend to be able to do more outright damage.  also,
rather than sticking people with one class forever, you can change
classes (well, we call them 'professions') when you want, you keep your
skills (that aren't in the same class) at half the amount, and go from

so, one common approach is for people to be a fighter for the first few
levels and then switch into the profession that they want to be in the
longer term.  sorta like working at McPigs for a few years while learning
the trade you really want to pursue.

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