Re: Pet Peeves.

From: Alastair Bell (
Date: 07/31/01

>fighters tend to advance the fastest -- at first, but over time, some of
>the other classes tend to be able to do more outright damage.  also,
>rather than sticking people with one class forever, you can change
>classes (well, we call them 'professions') when you want, you keep your
>skills (that aren't in the same class) at half the amount, and go from
>so, one common approach is for people to be a fighter for the first few
>levels and then switch into the profession that they want to be in the
>longer term.  sorta like working at McPigs for a few years while learning
>the trade you really want to pursue.

We had a similar system on mud a used to play, we called them "guilds", you
could join and leave a guild at any point of the game. Quite often you'd
start of as a smuggler as it was easier to earn money that way and later
become a bounty hunter who's skills were much more adept for doing damage...
Nearly all the older players switched to becoming Bounty Hunters...



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