Re: Grouping

From: Jory Graham (
Date: 07/31/01

>I must disagree on penalizing chars for not dealing damage if like 2
>warriors and a cleric would group of course the 2 warriors would be dealing
>the most damage but the cleric would be the one allowing them to have
>protective spells and keep them healed so he would have a great role on the
>outcome of the fight.

have half the experience of the mob go to the hitters (1% hp damage = 0.5%
total experience of mob), and half go toward the "classic split experience on
kill". So even clerics would get experience from a kill. Then just scale the
experience scales appropiately, with all non-combative classes at like 2/3rds
what the damage dealing classes are. Its be close, you'd have to tweak it a
little, but feasable.  Just an idea, any better?

Jory Graham

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