Re: OLC patching problems

From: NeoStar (
Date: 07/31/01

> Oooi I hate patches, but OLC seems to be a pain to do manually. Anyway,
> patching isn't the problem. I patch it all fine, using CYGNUS' patch
> command. No errors there. But I use Borland C/C++ 5.0's make and all up
> until it starts the linking, no errors. But when it tries to link I get
> errors complaining about "unresolved external references". I am using a
> brand new edition of Circle3.0b pl18 and the correct Oasis OLC patch file.
> I haven't done anything to th files except rename "" to
> I had previously thought it was because of the customizations I had made
> my MUD, but I guess this proves that is not the case. (this is so
> aggravating!)

Ah haha I found out what it was. Ok, I tried many things including switching
OLC versions. Nada. It turns out BC5 didn't like the things OLC was
referencing to. So I compiled it with gcc (through cygwin) and voila! it
works like a charm.

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