Re: OLC problems with saving objects

From: Del (
Date: 08/01/01

NeoStar wrote:
> Ok, I have Circle3.0b pl18 and the correct OLC patch for it. I can create
> a room, save it, create a mob, save it, edit the zone, save it then create
> objects and save them. then when the mud is restarted the mob resets and
> rooms are all intact, but my objects aren't saved. I can't even do the
> "load obj vnum". I made sure to save to memory using the "oedit save zone"
> command. What could be wrong?

If you typed oedit save <zone> and it reported the correct zone # being saved
and you verified that the file didn't actually save. Check which zone actually
got saved (if any).
I have run across situations where a simple typo made all Xedit save <zone>
save zone 0, no matter what the next line said.
Add log entries to your code to see what is actually saved.

Thats about all I can suggest.

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