Re: some ideas

From: Del (
Date: 08/02/01

nwhite wrote:
> Hey all :)
>     I've seen it done, I've had it done. but dunno how to do this myself.
> In OasisOLC, doing both edit and olc saves at the quit of an edit.
> Also, being able to assign more than one olc zone to a builder.
> as i said, seen it, had it. just dunno what was done.
> Nwhite

If you're doing a lot of building, it would cause a lot of disk writing, but
you can make a call to zedit_save_to_disk when you save a editor.

Assign builders in the world file, there is a patch for it on the ftp site.

(both are fairly simple to do, just do some greps/searches and you will
know where to put it)

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