C++ Circle (was Graphical MUDs)

From: Grimau Lysik'an (grimau_lysikan@hotmail.com)
Date: 08/03/01

Well, in case anyone is interested, I'm starting (as of Aug 4, 2001, EDT) a
C++ version of circle. All the licenses for Circle will need to be adhered
to, since I'm shamelessly stealing as much as possible on the first pass. To
be precise - I'm stealing from Del's bundle based on bpl18 (re-doing the
integration of OLC and scripts would be a bigger pain than I want on the
first try).

I will NOT be running a MUD based on it - I just like making C progs into
C++ progs. :) I have no server at the moment, but might get access to a CVS
server if there's interest (and I learn to use it correctly).

Anyone interested in contributing to, borrowing from, or shamelessly
stealing from my codebase is welcome to contact me, as long as you remember
the Circle licenses will still need to be observed.

I'm designing, coding, and testing on linux using as much pure (read ISO)
C++ as possible. Porting to MS C++ I'll leave as an exercise for the reader.

>From: George Greer <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>
>I admit it's not related to CircleMUD in the slightest but I remembered a
>conversation about graphical MUDs recently.

...snip a bunch of stuff that made me think you people might be

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