Re: C++ Circle (was Graphical MUDs)

From: Mark Smith (
Date: 08/03/01

> I will NOT be running a MUD based on it - I just like making C progs
> C++ progs. :) I have no server at the moment, but might get access to
> server if there's interest (and I learn to use it correctly).

When you're looking for CVS and all, and don't want to host it yourself,
I'd recommend you check out SourceForge.  They offer everything a
developer could ask for: message board, CVS (web and via cvs command
under a prompt), bug tracking, feature request tracking, et cetera.
Check them out if you've never seen them.

I'd be interested in seeing the completed C++ conversion, as this is
something that my fellow Implementor and I have been considering in the
past and have it on the drawing board for the future.

-Mark Smith
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