Re: Building or coding problem?

From: Del (
Date: 08/04/01

Timbrewolf wrote:
> Del Wrote:
> > Is there an extra description for the rose?
> Yes.  The rose extra description is below (A white rose is the symbol for
> purity and loyalty.).  The extra description for the moonstone (white) is
> moonstone is opaque -- blah blah below :)
> It seems to me that it should just be finding one of the descriptions
> (probably the one in the room) and show that one instead of trying to show
> them both (which I assume it is doing since the rose does not glow, and that
> message doesn't show up if you don't have a white moonstone).
> Thanks for the help :)

It seems it is just showing the extra description for the rose, not the long
description. Thats why I asked.
If it displays the extra description, which it appears to be, it will
not show the glowing effect.. Change the keyword for the extra description
and see if it works for ya.

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